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Kiowa County Hospital District

Kiowa County Hospital District dba Weisbrod Memorial County Hospital and the Eads Medical Clinic are a community driven healthcare entity. We are continuously looking to enhance and expand healthcare services to the friends and families of Kiowa County.

Medical Oral Expanded Care

Preventive Oral Health Services in the Primary Care Medical Environment

Eads Medical Clinic is partnering with Colorado Rural Health Center and developed the MOrE Care program for Kiowa County residents and the surrounding areas.

Insulin Pump Training and Therapy

Take Advantage of New Diabetes Management Tools and Therapy!

Kiowa County Hospital District
Kiowa County Ambulance Service

Full Service Emergency Response and Medical Transport Services. Emergency medical care is minutes away.

In Kiowa County, quality medical care begins at your time and place of need.

Physical Therapy

Intervention and Treatment for Full Mobility and Recovery. Your recovery isn’t complete until your lifestyle is restored.

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