The Heart of Health Care in Kiowa County

Kiowa County Hospital District dba Weisbrod Memorial

With a long and successful history of providing health care, Weisbrod Memorial County Hospital operates as a licensed 25-bed Critical Access Hospital with Swing Beds serving Eads, Kiowa County, and the surrounding region.

The providers and staff offer the following services:

  • Laboratory services
  • Radiology services (X-ray, CT, Ultrasound)
  • Acute (Inpatient) services
  • Swing Bed (skilled nursing) services
  • Observation bed services
  • Outpatient services
  • Sleep studies
  • 24/7 Emergency service
  • Ambulance services
  • Physical Therapy  inpatient and outpatient services
  • Nutritional services

Specialty Clinic care services (See the Specialty Clinic Page for details of available services)


Weisbrod Memorial Hospital provides these other outstanding services to Eads and Kiowa County residents:

Full Service Emergency Response and Medical Transport Services

Kiowa County Ambulance Service

Emergency medical care is minutes away.

In Kiowa County, quality medical care begins at your time and place of need.

Whether it’s life-saving emergency care or a pre-scheduled medical transport, the KCHD Ambulance team is dedicated to deliver in-field acute medical care, successful transport to definitive care, and other non-critical medical transport for patients with illnesses and injuries which prevent them from transporting themselves. The goal of each ambulance run is to provide timely, successful treatment to those in need of urgent medical care, to satisfactorily treat the presenting conditions, and/or to respond with timely removal of the patient to the next point of definitive care.

Our fully trained and certified staff of EMTs (Emergency Medical Technician) are on call day and night to respond with a full range of emergency care skills and techniques.

Your needs beyond emergency care and standard medical transport are met as we partner—on your behalf—with other area services and hospitals.

Advanced Life Support ground services and Flight for Life air support are available through a single 911 call as well.

In an emergency dial 911.

For non-emergency medical transport needs, please call 719.438.5401

Skilled Nursing Care Locally for Post-Operative/Acute Recovery

Swing Bed Services

Imagine this scenario…

Your loved one needs surgery or special treatment for a condition that merits the care of a specialist in one of the Denver Metro Hospitals. Of course, you book the care there. Your loved one deserves the best, most talented specialists available. Your choice is rewarded with a very successful surgery/treatment…but now comes the post-operative recovery time—days or weeks in Denver—three hours from Denver. All that time you spend driving (two hours each way) is costly, inconvenient, and robs you, your loved one, and your other family members from precious time together!

Swing Bed Care Options…a better path to full recovery.

You can still get the specialist care and expertise you or a loved one needs, then let the admissions department here at Weisbrod Memorial County Hospital arrange to transfer your post-op or other recovery time and care to a Swing bed locally, right here at your local facility. The patient gets top-quality care, you skip the long drives and fuel bills to visit recovering loved ones, and everyone—friends and family alike—are free to provide the invaluable encouragement of constant support throughout the entire inpatient recovery timeline.

Swing bed services are to help Eads area inpatients as they transition from acute care for an illness or surgery to returning home. Often assistance is needed during recovery before you are able to care for yourself at home. There is no reason that such care has to be provided over a hundred miles from home.

Each patient’s needs are evaluated, and a customized care plan is put into place. The care team consisting of the original acute-care or surgical provider, a local provide, nurses, therapists, social worker, the patient’s family, and of course the patient. The care team creates and documents goals, and they establish and carry out an approved plan to reach those patient goals.

Swing bed services are frequently covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and many private commercial insurances. If you have questions about our Swing bed services, please contact:

Darci Johnson
719-438-5401 ext. 139

Skilled Care

  • Criteria set forth by Medicare – The patient being admitted to skilled care must have three consecutive qualified acute care days. The skilled care patient’s needs and/or problems are the qualifying criteria. Criteria for skilled care requires that the patient’s problems are complex enough to require the arrangement of a professional. Professionals are RN’s, LPN’s, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Dieticians.
  • Medications, linens, housekeeping, nursing care, room and board are provided for Skilled Care residents.

Non-Skilled Care

  • These candidates are patients that require long term maintenance at a lower level that Skilled Care. Admissions are Medicaid and private pay.
  • Patients may also be admitted in conjunction with Hospice Services.

Private Pay
These candidates are patients who desire to stay in the hospital for an indefinite period of time following the expiration or non-eligibility of insurance benefits or acute care/skilled care benefits.

Compassionate Care in Kiowa County

Weisbrod Memorial  offers 24-hour nursing care given by certified and licensed professionals. The caring and committed staff understand that every resident is a unique individual with differing needs. WMEC provides a place for your Kiowa County loved ones to live in a safe, encouraging, and comfortable environment. In addition to safe, comfortable living accommodations, the following services are a vital part of our extended care community:

  • Secured Patio for outdoor activities
  • In-House beauty salon
  • Daily activities, crafts and recreation
  • Therapeutic diets and alternatives offered and prepared by our on-site dietary staff
  • In-house laundry
  • On-site physical therapy and restorative services
  • On-Site Physician visits
  • Weekly spiritual enrichment
specialty services

NEWS: Weisbrod Memorial Extended Care Unit is now offering care for both male and female residents.

For information contact: 

Darci Johnson
719-438-5401 ext. 139

What is the patient family advisory council?

As part of our patient centered medical home initiative, Kiowa County Hospital Districts forming a patient family advisory council. It will be comprised of Kiowa County Hospital District patients, family members, and KCHD staff .

The members the mission of the patient family advisory council is to help KCHD succeed in practice changes that affect the following:

• Meeting the needs of patients
• Concerns or barriers to our health care system
• Enhancing patient experience at the district
• Enhancements to existing services
• Potential new services

The suggestions and feedback received from the advisory council will be taken to the PFAC Steering committee which is comprised of employees from EADS medical clinic and KCHD.

Have a question? Please reach out to us for more information!